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Iguales y diferentes

This blog is a part of a piece of research about how people use consensual features of identification at different moments, how we can measure them by survey, what are the main trends over the world and what consensual features of identification are implicated in actual events, today likes conflict locals and wars.
The social identification process is a social fact. It is a basic piece of social change that, today, we know very little but we always find it when we study the social action and we want to analyze the relation between the social action and the social structure or between the social action and the social values.
We can identify who is who by the age, gender, etnic, nationality, religio ideas, politics ideas, ideology, social family class, etc. But, in different countries, regions, towns, districts or places people use these consensual features of identification to different uses and with different value.
We study these diferences and their consecuences on the social action and social change.