Answer to B. Milanovic (The welfare state in the age of globalization)

Answer to the post of Branko Milanovic

Title: The welfare state in the age of globalization

(Published: Sunday, March 26, 2017,  )


Dear Branko:
You are a great economist. But you aren´t a good sociologist. Due to it, your proposal has several troubles.

I agree that the Welfare state need mass participation. But, you must think about some thinks or assumptions of your reflexions.
For example:
1- you think that Immigrants are a rational choice people, they are so good informed than you, and, they can choose what country they want.
NO, dear: The most of them can´t do it. They need to scape of a horrible situation without expectative of life for him and for her/his family or community.
2- You think: People are “competitive” or “adaptive” and everyone want the best for him/her without to think about other.
No, the most of them are a part of a community or a family. They are the hope of them. They want to migrant because want to help them (today or with a future).

Figure 1: In Krakow: Breaking down

3- You think that the affinities are “natural” or “essential” and the “homogeneity” can be real. But the Nature, and the homogeneity are a built consciousness. They are a social representation. The identities are flexible and changeable. Depend on our experience, ideals, ideologies and, indeed, the social configuration of where and when we lives.
4- You think that we are only “members” of social groups or social class. But WE CAN BE SUBJECTS AND CAN UNDERSTAND THAT YOU AND HIM/HER ARE BE SUBJECTS.
5- You think that the States  need to compete with other. They are as FIRMS. But this is a part of the modern Capitalism system. The alternative is to think a system where States are part of a administrative global system of representation and organization that search the best for everyone without exclude anyone.
6- You think that you are “objective” and “realistic” but you are “white”, “rich class”, a huge professional that look the recent past.
7- you think that I am “idealistic” and “…” but I am “white”, “middle class”, a professional that look the ancient time and the future.

The solution is not to reduce the Welfare state. Is TO BUILD A NEW CITIZENSHIPS without barriers, without WALLS here. And, then we can build a new Welfare World, new welfare regions cities, a new welfare system.

Figure 2: In Leganes: Demostration

But, today, we need, first, to dream.
Juan_Jose Villalon
UNED, Spain
Twiter: @JuanJvillalon
Facebook: Juanj Villalon

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